Broadcasting Career Specialties

Broadcasting Career Specialties

Account Executive

Account executives sell advertising space during television and radio programs and work closely with marketing staff to increase sales.


Announcers (radio, also called disc jockeys) and anchors (television) deliver news reports, public service announcements, and commercial copy.


Directors are responsible for all aspects of a program's execution. News directors are more specifically concerned with a station's news department, and may be responsible for story assignments, wire service monitoring, and directing a live newscast.


Producers organize and develop programs through script and story development, arranging guests, and supervising editing and other elements of production.


Reporters are on scene at any event a newscast might want to spotlight. Reporters are responsible for writing excellent news stories quickly and accurately. Assignment editor: Assignment editors gather news stories, organize reporters and crews, and plan for coverage.


Writers develop commercial and promotional copy for sales and marketing efforts; while news writers generate news stories to be read on the air.

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