Top 10 Qualities of a Great Broadcaster

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Broadcaster

The broadcasting industry offers numerous opportunities for reporters, writers, producers, camera operators, editors, and more. All comprise a broadcasting team that works together to produce a news broadcast, sports show, or other programming. Some of the essential qualities broadcasting employees need to have include:

  • Communicates Well: Those in the broadcasting industry need to have excellent communication skills. Reporters and anchors should have top-notch speaking skills, as well as excellent writing skills. Anyone working behind the scenes in broadcasting should have excellent communications skills also, as the elements of production cannot come together without good team communication.
  • Has Good Investigative Skills: Broadcast journalists should have sharp investigation skills to get the best information for the story at hand. Camera operators and producers should also have a strong sense of investigation to help generate story ideas, get the best shots, and also to fuel the story along.
  • Possesses a Good Personality: Most important for those on camera, anchors and reporters should have a friendly disposition that viewers can connect with. A smiling face and a gentle tone help viewers to develop a sense of trust and rapport.
  • Has a High Technical Aptitude: Those working backstage in broadcasting should be comfortable working with a variety of technical equipment and also stay on top of changing technologies.
  • Is Versatile: The entire broadcasting team is often expected to complete a number of varying duties. Reporters, for instance, might be called upon to find a story, conduct interviews, shoot footage, write the story, and report the story. Everyone involved should be willing and able to perform multiple duties.
  • Is Able to Handle Pressure: Media, by nature, is a deadline-oriented, pressure-driven environment. Everyone in the business should be able to handle pressure and meet deadlines as they are assigned.
  • Has Good Graphics and Animation Skills: Those involved with the final production should have a solid grasp of graphic and animation skills. Promotional pieces and weather reports, as well, are usually very graphics-heavy.
  • Is a Team Player: Dozens of elements have to work in tandem to produce a successful program, and therefore, every member of the broadcasting team must work well together and recognize that the ultimate goal is a team effort.
  • Is Highly Efficient: The deadline-oriented nature of the broadcasting business warrants that all team members work quickly and efficiently. There often is little time to find a story and get it to the production floor before a scheduled broadcast, so all involved need to be sure things come together as quickly as possible.
  • Maintains a High Level of Accuracy: Especially in the news media, accuracy is vital. It is important for anyone collecting and reporting information to be sure that information is true and up-to-date.

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